La technique d'animation ludique et interactive rend la formation dynamique, conviviale et performante. De plus, elle crée un espace d'entente entre les participants favorisant la cohésion d'équipe. Il est prouvé aujourd'hui que l'esprit humain aime jouer, cela permet de mettre l'intelligence émotionnelle au service de l'intelligence intellectuelle. De ce fait, l'implication cognitive, émotionnelle et comportementale des stagiaires est naturellement sollicitée permettant une intégration optimale de l'enseignement . De plus, lorsque le ludique est joint à un enseignement sérieux et pertinent, on obtient un véritable outil percutant autant sur la forme que sur le fond.


79 %

des usagers de la formation disent qu'ils trouveraient plus productif d'apprendre si leur organisation ou institution d'enseignement utilisait une solution ludifiée d'apprentissage.

Sources : Futurs Talents

What is “gold fill” vs “gold plated” jewelry?

Gold fill is what we work with for this jewelry line, in addition to solid 14 karat gold options. “Gold fill” jewelry is the second most valuable type of precious metal jewelry next to solid gold, and is also most equivalent in durability as solid gold. It is composed of solid 14k gold that is permanently bonded/fused to a base metal (brass). “Gold Plated” jewelry is a different process where a layer of gold is coated on top of a base metal such as brass. Typically this is a very thin “flash” coating (0.5 - 1 micron) of gold that wears off within 1 to 3 months of normal wear. Your SUN VOW JEWELRY is made with gold fill and/or solid 14k gold and created to last with proper care.

How should I care for my SUN VOW Jewelry?

Your piece was created to last, but to maintain the shimmery luster on your gold fill pieces, It is best to remove your jewelry before you swim or shower, or spritz perfume/bug sprays etc as harsh chemicals such as chlorine or alcohol can wear the gold away over time. If you purchased 14k gold pieces, these are solid gold and can withstand more wear along your journey.

Can I / how should I clean my jewelry?

If needed, take a slightly damp paper towel and gently wipe your piece down, then repeat with a dry paper towel. Be kind + gentle to your pieces :)

Is this jewelry handmade?

Each and every piece is made one at a time by hand, so no two pieces are exactly the same, and no two owners will have the exact same piece, and no two stories are ever the same. All metals are hand forged and all designs are original. The use of natural semiprecious gemstones and natural found sea glass makes this collection even more extraordinary, as every gemstone and piece of sea glass are one-of-a-kind created by nature. So much love & soul goes into every piece of jewelry.

What is sea glass?

Sea glass is antique fragmented glass that has spent decades to centuries tumbling in the sea, smoothed and opaqued by the salt and sand of the ocean. It is special and beloved because of its literally glowing color and velvety texture or “grain/pitting” created by so much time spent the ocean; It truly is a gemstone of the sea. All pieces used for this jewelry line are unaltered, and left up to the sea’s design.

Where do you source your sea glass?

All sea glass used is found in nature and never faux/manmade. Most of the sea glass used is found in Charleston, SC along the backsides of the islands and saltwater creeks leading to the islands, it is quite a treasure hunt as the strong ocean currents and tides sweeps these pieces off the beach and entraps It behind our islands. Other pieces used are found along travels in the Caribbean, and the North East.

Do you offer custom work?

There may be a slight up-charge depending on the design, but feel free to contact us and let us know what you have in mind!



À l'issue de cette formation vous serez capable de :

  • Faire appel à votre créativité ludique,

  • Concevoir, structurer et créer une formation ludo-pédagogique,

  • Adopter une véritable posture ludique.


Supports de formation visuels ludiques

À l'issue de cette formation vous serez capable de :

  • Choisir le support visuel le plus adapté au contenu pédagogiques,

  • Structurer l'agencement spatial du support,

  • Rendre ludique le support,

  • Animer le module pédagogie de façon ludique et dynamique.



À l'issue de cette formation vous serez capable de :

  • Concevoir un formation à distance,

  • Préparer la session de formation,

  • Maîtriser les outils matériels et numériques,

  • Dynamiser l’animation individuelle et collective.


Réussir sa première formation

À l'issue de cette formation vous serez capable de :

  • Maîtriser le champs lexical de la formation,

  • Concevoir une formation dynamique,

  • Animer avec fluidité une  formation professionnelle,

  • Optimiser l’ouverture et la clôture d’une formation.

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